Current Projects

As you may know, at the beginning of May 2018 we officially received our non-profit status as an organization, but even without it God has provided in some pretty amazing ways.

We have been able to purchase prime property in the outskirts of Cap Haitien, Haiti (3 miles from the international airport), along with placing a wall around our property (approximately 1 full acre), a front gate, and a cafe at the front property (currently used to house Macdonald and Muselie). The overall cost of all of these was right around $100,000.

Below are our current projects. If you have any questions about any of them, do not hesitate to ask. As you may have already gauged, our desire is to be a fully self-sustaining organization, but we do have these “upfront” costs in order to get the organization off of the ground.

You can click on the projects below to learn more.

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    Cap Haitien // Main Building
    Raised: $8,047.00
    Goal: $80,000.00
    Main building shell manufactured, delivered, and erected on Cap Haitien property. This building will serve as our primary training facility, and also house our bakery to support our onsite cafe, as well as local vendors.
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    Cap Haitien // Transportation Vehicle
    Raised: $9,750.00
    Goal: $30,000.00
    Shipment (and customs) of 12-passenger van onto our property. The transportation/tourism business with be our "economic engine" at the start of our program, providing jobs for our young adults while with us as well as the sustainability of the organization as a whole. The cost of this vehicle (including shipping and customs) is approximately $30,000. This vehicle will allow us to provide quality transportation for mission organizations, aid organizations, hotels, and other businesses throughout the Cap Haitien area.
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    Cap Haitien // Medical/Dental/Vision Facility
    Raised: $10,500.00
    Goal: $20,000.00
    Two 40’ shipping containers fitted as temporary housing for teams during the development of the property. These will be constructed to easily be “retrofitted” as the medical/dental/vision clinic once the main building is completed in 2019.
  4. Cap Haitien // Building Finish Out
    Raised: $0.00
    Goal: $150,000.00
    Interior of building constructed and furnished including living spaces, bathrooms, and bakery. Two dorm style houses constructed. Also, four additional vehicles purchase for Empowered Transportation.
  5. Water Well
    Raised: $0.00
    Goal: $3,000.00
    This will allow us to put a well on the property. Currently, those living on the property have to walk to a local well with buckets and bring water on the property for showers, cleaning, cooking, ect. This is for the drilling of the well as well as the well pump.
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    Fabio and Micka Altime Support
    Donated: $1,500.00
    Fabio and Micka Altime have made the huge faith decision to move back to Haiti in order to help run our Empowered International location in Cap Haitien. Both of them will be investing in the young adults that are a part of our program, and Fabio will be our Business Manager where he will oversee the businesses connected to EI. In July of 2019, Fabio and Micka along with their two young children, Kevin and Newstalyne, will make this transition. Our desire is that within two years the EI businesses will fully sustain the organization, but we know that up front it will take a while for this to be a reality. Therefore, we want to make sure that Fabio and Micka are taken care of financially, including their children being in a quality school, housing, vehicle, food, and other expenses. Therefore, we are asking individuals and families for a 1-2 year monthly commitment to help with these living expenses. Would you be willing to make this commitment? You can use to links below to give your information as well as your commitment. IMPORTANT!! Recurring donations will begin immediately, and any recurring funds brought in prior to their moving in July 2019 will go towards much-needed upfront costs for the Altimes. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Scott Jester at 260-223-3838 or Thanks so much for your support!!