We have acquired prime property just outside of Cap Haitien, Haiti and have begun building on the property. This property will house two families that will be moving to Cap Haitien to help train/equip/empower young adults coming out of orphanages throughout the country, and provide them with a 1-2 year discipleship and business training environment. There will be a few business that we will launch and will operate out of our property in Cap Haitien: Empowered Transportation, Empowered Bakery, and Empowered Tourism. These businesses will not only help train them in business/entrepreneurship, but will also help provide full self-sustainability for the Empowered International. Therefore, the goal is that Empowered International is not reliant long-term on the Western World for constant resources. Obviously, something like this takes financial resources up front to get started, but the goal is that this Western “investment” is only temporary. Below is a 6-phase process that we have developed that will get us to the point that we are fully up and running in the country of Haiti. If there is any way that you can help us accomplish this, we would be forever grateful. The long-term goal is to see Empowered International in other countries throughout the world.

6 Phase Process

Phase One

Purchase of property in Cap Haitien, including the title work, government taxes, survey, etc.

Phase Two

Construction of 10ft. wall surrounding the property including main entrance door, cafe window/door, cafe building, road drainage ditch, and bridge into property to initially be used for storing supplies and housing for MacDonald and Muselee Prosner to oversee the property during the building process.
$50,000 90% Funded

Phase Three

Purchase and shipment of vehicle to be stored on land and used to pick up and carry teams. Most importantly, this also provides a job and training opportunity for MacDonald Prosner.
$15,000 65% Funded

Phase Four

Two 40’ shipping containers fitted in the US as temporary housing for workers/teams during the development of the property. These will be constructed to easily be “retrofitted” as the medical clinic once the main building/dorms are completed on the property.
$30,000 20% Funded

Phase Five

Main building shell manufactured, delivered, and erected on Cap Haitien property.
$80,000 0% Funded

Phase Six

Interior of building constructed and furnished including living spaces, bathrooms, and bakery. Two dorm style houses constructed. Also, four additional vehicles purchase for Empowered Transportation.
$150,000 0% Funded

Donate to Cap Haitien Project

Your tax-deductible donation toward the Cap Haitien Project would be greatly appreciated. Every penny counts, and we use all of them.