16 May

Jerry’s Story

As a young boy, Jerry grew up in an extremely poor village in Haiti called Drouin. As is the case with many fathers in this country, Jerry’s dad had no desire to raise him. Therefore, it was left to his mom to take care of him, and she did not have the resources to do this. A pastor (Pastor Luc Joseph) from a larger town who grew up in Drouin had a heart for Jerry along with other kids in...

16 May

Fabio’s Story

Newstacky “Fabio” is a young adult that grew up near Port au Prince, Haiti in a small, poor village with little resources. As a young teenager, a successful mission organization connected to the United States was begun near his village.  Short-term mission teams began showing up at the organization with the desire to engage in the local community through providing food, shelter, along with Kid’s Club type of environments. In many ways, Newstacky saw the individuals showing up at the...