Creation in Cap-Haitien Capital Campaign

The 2021 Creation in Cap Haitien campaign has been a goal of Empowered's staff for a long time. The funds raised throughout this campaign will aid in transportation and on campus buildings for out students and faculty. Empowered goal is to become a self-sustaining organization, however in order to reach that goal we need your help! Please prayerfully consider becoming a part of Empowered's journey.

The Creation in Cap Haitien 2021 Campaign Empowered's largest fundraising campaign yet! Our goal is to raise $100,000 for empowered in Cap Haitien, Haiti. The funds raised throughout this campaign will go directly into the lives our students, by primarily funding building more facilities on empowered's campus, as well as purchasing transportation. These funds will be very beneficial in Empowered's goal to become a self sustaining organization that empowers our students to become capable of financial stability while also praising and worshipping the Lord, Jesus Christ.


Other Ways to Support

Peer to Peer Fundraising
Another way to join Empowered in our campaign is to start your own! Join our peer to peer fundraising program by simply clicking the link, and start your campaign today!

Empowered International is always in need of prayer. From our students on site in Cap-Haitien to our staff and volunteers. Please pray for wisdom and faith to continue serving and praising the Lord in Cap-Haitien.