Hi Everyone!

Lots of exciting things are happening at Empowered International, and I wanted to be sure to share it with all of you. Stacy, myself, and the boys got back this past Monday from taking a team of 29 to both Gonaives and Cap Haitien. Attached are some pics that I thought you may be interested in checking out. The agenda of the trip was to run a medical clinic and pastor’s conference in Gonaives, as well as spend time with the families in the village connected to the land in Cap Haitien.
At the medical clinic, we were able to see over 240 patients in two days! The pastor’s conference brought in around 50 pastors from throughout a 4-hour radius for a two-day training that was very well received and a huge blessing for everyone.
In Cap Haitien, we were able to see the EI land including the finished wall, gate, and the cafe building at the front of the property which currently is a one bedroom apartment. Our newlyweds, Macdonald and Muslee┬áhave moved to the property and is taking care of it as we continue to develop the land. They are so excited to be there and have done a great job “outfitting” the building. We also found out that a nice hotel is currently being built right next to our property which is a big deal and will no doubt help with the Empowered businesses including Empowered Transportation, Empowered Tourism, and Empowered bakery.
The next steps of the development of the land is┬áto put the main building and the medical clinic on the property. We are also hoping to get some vehicles on the property in order to begin to develop Empowered Transportation which we believe will be the quickest “win” in beginning to develop full self-sustainability of the organization.
As you may know, our goal is to bring in our first group of young adults in for the 1-year discipleship and business training environment in the Fall of 2019. Things continue to move in that direction. We just found out two days ago that we have one last step in the acquiring of our non-profit status (which shouldn’t take long) and we are good to go on that end.
Thanks so much for your continued support and prayers! It is absolutely amazing to see God continue to work.