Hi Everyone!

There is a lot going on with EI recently, and I wanted to give everyone an update. In our last update, I shared that our next step is to finish the cafe in the front of the property and to get a vehicle on site. This will allow for our good friend MacDonald to move with his soon to be wife (they are getting married in March) on the property in order to take care of the facility and have a vehicle to provide a job for him.
I am happy to share that over the weekend we received the funds to finish the front cafe including the roof, windows, doors, septic and much of the interior work! We also had a vehicle donated a few weeks ago that is ready to be sent to Haiti. The cost to send the vehicle is right around $2200 which includes shipping and customs. We are believing that God is going to provide that here shortly.
Below are some photos of the cafe as it looks right now. We are going to make it into a living space initially and then when the main building is up turn it into a cafe.
Also, recently a businessman bought the property right next to ours. His plan is to start a water business. He has already almost finished his property. There is also a hotel that is going to be built diagonal from our property. This is really encouraging as it proves that our land is in a prime, growing location.
We have two teams heading down in the month of April. The first team will be doing some medical mission work along with leading a pastor’s conference for around 50 pastors. The second team is a group of young adults from a¬†program at Grace Gathering called FORM, which is the program that we will be partnering with for the discipleship process of the young adults that are a part of the Empowered International yearlong business and ministry training.
As you can see, things are really moving!
Thanks so much for your prayers/support!
Scott and Stacy