Newstacky “Fabio” is a young adult that grew up near Port au Prince, Haiti in a small, poor village with little resources. As a young teenager, a successful mission organization connected to the United States was begun near his village.  Short-term mission teams began showing up at the organization with the desire to engage in the local community through providing food, shelter, along with Kid’s Club type of environments.

In many ways, Newstacky saw the individuals showing up at the organization as a “lifeline” to a better life. Because he could speak English, he was recruited by the organization to help lead these teams when they would arrive. Through interacting with the teams and seeing the things that they had that he did not have, he began to have a longing to move to the United States. In his mind, he felt like if he could somehow get there, then he would have everything he needs. When he was 23 years old, he finally had the opportunity that he has longed for and was able to get a Visa to move to the US. His perspective of Americans at the time was that they all had a lot of money and relationships with them meant access to this money. Because of this, he was confident that when he landed in the US that he would have everything that he needs because it would simply be given to him by Americans. This is what he saw in the past, and felt like that was the way it would be.

So, he got rid of all of his possessions, got on a plane, and landed in the US believing that when he landed people would just be willing to give him everything that he needs. He quickly found out that this was untrue, and realized that people in the US have to work for what they get.  He had no idea. The next few years were extremely difficult for him as he learned the hard way what it looks like to provide hope and opportunity for himself and not rely on “wealthy” Americans to give him what he needs.

He and his wife Micka desire to take the things that they have learned in order to invest in young adults in Haiti that find themselves in the same place that they were.