As a young boy, Jerry grew up in an extremely poor village in Haiti called Drouin. As is the case with many fathers in this country, Jerry’s dad had no desire to raise him. Therefore, it was left to his mom to take care of him, and she did not have the resources to do this. A pastor (Pastor Luc Joseph) from a larger town who grew up in Drouin had a heart for Jerry along with other kids in the village, and brought them into an orphanage that he and his wife had started. Jerry grew up in the orphanage where his basic needs were taken care of and was even given an education, but when was about to graduate high school, Pastor Luc naturally began to ask the question of what is next for him. He certainly couldn’t stay in the orphanage forever, but knew that pushing him out of the orphanage meant a lack of hope and opportunity and a life on the streets simply fighting for survival.

What Jerry needed was a place to go where he can be trained and equipped to provide for himself and his family and given the opportunity to make an impact in the world around him. But there were no options. That is why Empowered International was formed, to provide this hope and opportunity for young adults in order to develop long-lasting, sustainable change throughout the Third World.  It has to start with the young people in these countries. It has to start with those like Jerry.

Jerry is currently being trained through Empowered International how to breed/raise goats in order to provide for himself and his family, and the hope is that he will be moving shortly to EI’s property located in Cap Haitien, Haiti to continue to learn not only how to provide opportunity for himself, but for others just like him as well.