We thought it would be helpful to show our schematic site plan for our current project in Cap Haitien along with where we are in the process. Currently, we have the wall around the entire property, the front gate, and the front cafe finished (including plumbing). The front cafe is currently outfitted to house Macdonald and Muselie as they take care of the property while the rest of it is being worked on.

Our next main project is the medical clinic in the front of the property. This is something that we were going to do down the road, but because of some recent opportunities, we have decided to move that project up in the timeline. Two large shipping containers were recently¬†donated and we are currently working on outfitting into living spaces for teams that will come in to build the main buildings. Once the main buildings are up, they are designed to be easily retrofitted into our medical clinic (check out the “Current Projects” page to see more).

Because the RV industry has gotten behind our project, all that we need to accomplish this project is the cost of shipping (and customs) of the containers (approximately $15K) as well as the medical supplies to turn it into the medical clinic in 2019 (approximately $15K). We are hoping to have at least one container on site by the beginning of July.